Whites International PR

Местоположение: Киев, Украина

Сайт: http://wipr.com.ua/


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  • Гость
    04.10.2011 в 14:38

    кошмар, известный всему Киеву. меня даже спрашивают вечно — а Мартин что, еще живой? его еще никто не прибил???
    з/п платят в лучшем случае через 2 месяца работы. так что при уходе в любом случае остается задолженность в 2 месяца, которую выбить потом нереально.

  • Гость
    19.07.2009 в 14:22

    RUN AWAY!!!

    This is THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL company, I ever worked for…
    You cannot even name it «company», as they do not work openly.
    There is no official website, you will not have a work record-book in this company.

    You will NEVER get your salary on time.
    For instance, the salary for February — will be paid in April (at best).
    The salary is given in envelops (arbitrary time…)

    The team consists of 9-11 person (constant change of personnel: after having realized the level of the company- people start run away).

    There is a Senior Manager in this company, who is, actually, a boss’ bootlicker (in other words, «a boy Friday»).

    He will make daily secret reports to the boss about:
    -your time of coming to the work and the time of departure from the work.
    -he also monitors what you are doing on your computer
    -he will report on how long your lunch have lasted…
    -he will give you 1000… comments/ a day about your work.

    Though, the salary is not paid on time, there is always funds for boss’ hobby to go to Africa on Safari.

    The overall, level of ethics and professionalism is really low.
    This is not a company with a good reputation, so BEWARE it.

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